7 +3 (UPDATED) challenges / ideas for Periscope’s Co-Founders Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein

UPDATE (7th of August 2015) – I’ve used the application a bit more and I’ve came up with 3 extra ideas.

8. Can’t continue broadcasting

Losing internet connection, getting a call, forgetting to enable chat, falling down :) all the reasons for possible broadcast interruptions.

Enable a “pause” option or an ability to continue a broadcast under the same name / settings.


9. Implement  view history option on Periscope and help create Periscope stars

On many occasions I had the application freeze on me or I would simply by mistake press the back button two times…and I would loose touch with the person that did the broadcast (and meanwhile the broadcast ended).

This is the key step on creating popular Periscopers – knowing how to find them.




10. Move from mobile to desktop. What? this is 2015 you say…well…

If you think about it periscope is the best screen cast platform – with it’s close ties to Twitter it could dominate in the screen cast world.
Sharing screen casts would be super easy – and you would get access to new market of tutorial makers / screen-casters

Desktop version will give me an ability to cut the image feed for a couple of sec, or censor a part of my screen when typing in sensitive information…

Just imagine Khan academy’s sketches live…with live questions!

1. Promote periscope by having a weather balloon launch and mobile phone with a periscope running on it, have a top Formula 1 driver ride with it while test driving. (Remember Red Bull Stratos?)


2. Give me a look at periscopes near me, maybe I would like to follow someone how’s decided that their profile is public?


3. Give me a option to broadcast on both cameras


4. Global list is awesome  – how about a local list (you can modify the range something like tinder). (Take a look at #2)


5. Give us a look into at a celebrity point of view. For example I challenge you to find a celebrity that will give me live feed of a NBA? game – It will be like I’m having floor tickets to a really cool game.


6. Give me a option to try out my broadcast in a offline mode ( just to test things out)


7. Tell me if the quality of my video won’t be good enough during this period (bad connection…etc.)



Hope I helped you guys out!




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