Convert your (future)COMPETITORS into MENTORS

This is  a no B.S. guide on getting top mentors in the industry working for you.


After doing all of this you’ll know how to answer these crucial questions about your (future) company.

Who is your target audience?

What conferences are important?

What features your company/product absolutely must have ?

What features are lacking from the competitors range?

How you should communicate with your customers?


and most importantly….


How you should treat your (future) employees?


Before you can learn from your mentors you have to identify how to reach out

This is the way how….

STEP 1 – what companies represent your future competition?

In the IT world Producthunt and Programmableweb  are the best way to start.


Search for the CMS (for example)  and take a look at the companies listed – you get a list of about 10 companies that seem to have their main business set in CMS.

Go to their web page and see the about or team link – soon enough you’ll get a list of people in charge.

STEP 2 -Research the folks behind the competition

Firstly find out who their CEO,CTO,COO and CMO is and write down their names.it_team

Then go “down the ladder” and find profiles of all the employees within the company.

Write down names of these people and search for their profiles on twitter,facebook,instagram, linkedin….

If you are handling a big organization you definitely need to set up some automatization.


STEP 3 – Connect with your mentors

You can do this by doing the following…

Go to the persons blog or twitter/instagram/linkedin  account and copy their profile URL.twitter_URL_for_blogtrott

You paste the URL into blogtrottr and get live feed from any change at the persons twitter profile

So any update you’ll get an e-mail about it.



You’ll be getting a lot of e-mails about personal and business stuff and this can be overwhelming but soon enough you’ll find out what top 5 people are worth following and you can readjust the filters and the feeds.

You can also use filters on your gmail interface or e-mail client(Thunderbird / Outlook) to sort individual profiles into folders.

What do you get out of this?

By targeting all the employees at the competition and you’ll see what conferences they are attending, things they are happy/frustrated with..etc…all of the things you should do and know.

You’ll see even people suggesting ideas to companies that you track – CEOs will often ignore them but you’ll be smart enough to write them down.

The comments and way of thinking can make you think another way about the product you are building.

You grow with them and they become your mentors.

With following individuals start following official channels of competitor company.


Track companies social profiles

You’ll find out a lot out of it.

Check out these examples….

customer_complaints2 customer_complaints

For this company you could easily tell that there is absolutely  no communication with the customers who are obviously very disappointed and unhappy with the mentioned product.

Learn that ignoring the problem won’t make it go away

Start using their services

Poke and test – Pay for the service

Ask the customer support  tricky questions – study the product.

See how fast they respond.

Use it for a couple of weeks – try to figure out what you would do better – write it down.

Glassdoor (indicator on the future of the company)



You should be careful with Glassdoor because some of the testimonials don’t have to exactly true – but they are a pretty good indicator on the state of the company’s  current / past staff.

You’ll be able to see what your future employees like and dislike in a company.


After doing all of this you be able to know if your business idea, work ethics and mindset can match the one that is currently being offered on the market.

You’ll be fully aware of what you are getting yourself into and have the motivation to be better where your competitors fail.



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