7 +3 (UPDATED) challenges / ideas for Periscope’s Co-Founders Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein

UPDATE (7th of August 2015) – I’ve used the application a bit more and I’ve came up with 3 extra ideas.

8. Can’t continue broadcasting

Losing internet connection, getting a call, forgetting to enable chat, falling down :) all the reasons for possible broadcast interruptions.

Enable a “pause” option or an ability to continue a broadcast under the same name / settings.


9. Implement  view history option on Periscope and help create Periscope stars

On many occasions I had the application freeze on me or I would simply by mistake press the back button two times…and I would loose touch with the person that did the broadcast (and meanwhile the broadcast ended).

This is the key step on creating popular Periscopers – knowing how to find them.




10. Move from mobile to desktop. What? this is 2015 you say…well…

If you think about it periscope is the best screen cast platform – with it’s close ties to Twitter it could dominate in the screen cast world.
Sharing screen casts would be super easy – and you would get access to new market of tutorial makers / screen-casters

Desktop version will give me an ability to cut the image feed for a couple of sec, or censor a part of my screen when typing in sensitive information…

Just imagine Khan academy’s sketches live…with live questions!

1. Promote periscope by having a weather balloon launch and mobile phone with a periscope running on it, have a top Formula 1 driver ride with it while test driving. (Remember Red Bull Stratos?)


2. Give me a look at periscopes near me, maybe I would like to follow someone how’s decided that their profile is public?


3. Give me a option to broadcast on both cameras


4. Global list is awesome  – how about a local list (you can modify the range something like tinder). (Take a look at #2)


5. Give us a look into at a celebrity point of view. For example I challenge you to find a celebrity that will give me live feed of a NBA? game – It will be like I’m having floor tickets to a really cool game.


6. Give me a option to try out my broadcast in a offline mode ( just to test things out)


7. Tell me if the quality of my video won’t be good enough during this period (bad connection…etc.)



Hope I helped you guys out!




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4 Ideas for Digital Ocean’s CEO Ben Uretsky PART 1

I’ve been using Digital Ocean for little under a year now – I’ve been running multiple projects on it and found that even with their 5$ servers you can do wonders.

Although I think they are doing a great job there was a couple of things that bothered me from the start.

These are some of the stuff that needs improving

  1. Lack of nice looking graphs

    I’m not a spoiled brat but it definitely need some more work – I know that this is a recent feature…but nevertheless.graph_DO

  2. Lack of status page for my droplet

    Don’t get me wrong – they have an API for it , but being able to access it using only a web interface would be a great feature

  3. Lack of UX “friendliness”

    let me give you an example – take a look at the resize option
    resizeSo If I want to for example just get the info about the cost and specification?
    Then I have to go to, and why don’t I have the “Power Off” option right there?Same goes with the Snapshot option, Access Option…etcThey recommend powering off your droplet through the command line, as this action is the same as hard resetting the server and may cause data corruption...ok…why don’t you a Console Access option right beneath it?

  4. You have the Snapshot which is a excellent feature.

    So why aren’t you making it more accessible for the developers?
    Would it be wrong to have a small wizard that asks you when to do it, how often…etc.
    You could incorporate a information about when the bandwidth of your droplet is the lowest – therefore suggesting when to do it….that would be cool right?


Some of the stuff that is missing:

  1. Making an “expert” or “stat for nerds” option (similar like the one on youtube) – this would be great on “Status page for my droplet”
  2. Notifications about over capacited or under capacited droplets
    Digital ocean already has this type of communication with a client implemented – take a look at the e-mail I receive monthly about billing. It’s a really neat and simple e-mail ending with “Just looking out”.If my server is hitting a high of 90% of CPU usage (during the last 90 days) it would be a really great feature to get a small notification from the DO guys …something like this…

    Hey Rene, we’ve noticed that your droplet is really under pressure during the last 90 days,(check out your user settings) do you know that studies have shown that decreasing page load time can drastically increase conversions…. Just looking out

    and sendme a link to a blog that is inspired by this
    great kissmetric blog post
    or this other great kissmetric blog post
    or build an infographic like this (also from kissmetric)

  3. Turbo mode…yeah you’ve read it right

    This isn’t a joke…hear me out on this…
    Let’s say that you have a client that is running a e-commerce site on your server/droplet…and that client is having a huge sale (delivery costs for free! 48h offer!), he’s expecting huge traffic – and you are worried because you have her/him on a 20$ server.
    You could power down…and then resize the CPU/RAM…etc…to a 160$ droplet which will cost you a 11.48 $ for that period.Why not make it a cool feature to have a TURBO button (it’s cool for everyone that have own a PC that had one of those) that will ask you
    “are you sure?”
    “are you really really really sure??”
    If yes…it will power down…and present itself in turbo mode, that will last 12/48/72 hours.


All of the mentioned is summed up in this infographics



That’s my “short” take on Digital Ocean… see you on PART 2












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