Computer that kills people! Elon Musk was right!


How are Jerry Seinfeld and Human killing computers closely related?

Let’s backtrack a bit…..

Do you remember that Jerry Seinfeld episode where he talks about the Night guy screwing over the Day guy? No?

Let me refresh your memory….

So Jerry is basically saying what we all know… that there a multitude of people within ourselves.

Who are these people?

Well…meet the brains…

1.Reptilian brain

(the phrase was coined by neuroscientist Paul MacLean. )

It is keeping you breathing, digesting food,getting into bar fights



It helps you with you homework and is  figuring out the best possible excuse to give to your boss on why you are coming in late for work.


and a layer in-between called 

3.old mammalian brain.(Paul Broca) AKA Limbic system (brain)

That makes you all teary-eyed when you watch a commercial


Taken from http://www.cerebromente.org.br/n05/mente/limbic_i.htm

Paul Maclean said that these three brains are “three interconnected biological computers”.

So in essence there is three versions of you (at least!) living with you in your same body.

The one that gets drunk and makes you take drugs, the one making you cry for taking drugs, and the Rational part that tells you to check into a rehab clinic.

People seem to like the Neocortex part(computer) of their brain and try really hard to keep it dominant (through self-discipline, meditation)but what about the two other computers?

What about when James Altucher (hi James if you are reading this) was seriously contemplating about committing suicide?

This is a typical example of two computers working together – cluster of computers working against you…SKYNET!

His Limbic (old mammalian brain) the one that makes you take care of kids worked with his reptilian brain (aggression), and that’s fine – he was in a state of panic, and that was the best solution his brain(s) offered to his rational brain.

But don’t forget, a computer tried to kill James and he trusts this computer with his life…forget about his life…he trusts this computer with his children!!



Check out this great blog post by James for an answer

The Six(Nine really :) ) Things The Most Productive People Do Every Day

Which cover the following  and are all about satisfying or displeasing the  3 biological computers that are working for you.


Satisfaction of the Neocortex.


Satisfaction to all three, except when you have nightmares.


Reptilian brain is pissed at you!


Satisfaction of the Neocortex

Limbic brain is scared of the reptilian brain but is comforted by the Neocortex so it’s kinda fifty-fifty situation for Limbic brain :)


Limbic brain is satisfied in it’s ignorance because it’s not overwhelmed with other peoples emotions…so is the reptile brain.

Next 3 are face2face, ear2ear and read2read communication which are basically the same.



Reptilian brain misses the action is kinda disappointed, Limbic is asking where are the people I used to see/feel, Neocortex is happy because it’s uncluttered



Same thing like the meetings, except the Limbic brain is kinda not as into as face 2 face


Limbic brain is almost not into it,Reptilian brain couldn’t care less…. unless….someone is trying to put you down in any way…then the reptilian brain will try to force the Neocortex to find out this guys IP address…phone…burn down his house…etc. :)


Happines for all three – new people, new places…the reptilian brain is happy -snooping for new territories

 the limbic brain is happy because it sees new faces/friends

the neocortex is happy because it understands the opportunity new places/people give.



So Elon…man…you were right all along…computers are out to get us – the only thing you forgot to mention is that they are deeply lodged inside our brains 




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